The Save Money Challenge

The Save Money Challenge

How it works:


  1. Sign up below for the free challenge.
  2. About once a week for the next 30 days you will receive a new money saving tip, technique, strategy or hack that will “challenge” you to get your monthly expenses down lower than the average man or woman.
  3. By the end of the challenge you will have cut your monthly expenses like crazy and be stacking money in those bank accounts!

For example, I’ll send you a list of car insurance hacks and strategies I’ve used to lower my personal car insurance rates, then let you know what  the average person your age is paying for car insurance.

I’ll give you negotiation scripts I have used personally to get extra discounts and lower rates from places like your cable company.

From there I’ll recommend a company or service that historically helps people lower their bills and we will see just how much money that company can save you, from there you’ll take those savings and stack your bank account with them!

I’ll also be sending the latest apps and programs that will help you grow your bank account on auto-pilot, as well as some bill-lowering negotiation tactics.

What you’ll get:

Once you’ve gone through all eight “challenges” you will:

  1. Have drastically cut your monthly expenses
  2. Freed up extra income
  3. Gained a new level of financial peace
  4. Have a new understanding of how to get lower monthly expenses in general
  5. Confidence that you are on track for financial increase in the future
  6. Apps that will help put your bank account growth on autopilot
  7. Tactics, strategies and business ideas to grow your money and take your income to the next level

This is not your normal, “stop spending money on lattes and eat ramen noodle” challenges. I’m going to show you how to lower your bills, save money, and growth hack your accounts!

After you’ve completed the challenges, I’ll introduce you to the Make Money Challenge and we’ll begin to increase your income.

Hop in the challenge and let’s get after it. I look forward to your results!

I challenge you to a 30 day money saving duel!

Do you accept?

I Challenge You to a Money Saving Duel!

This strategy packed series will show you how to drastically cut your monthly bills and become a money stacking machine.

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