The Only Way to Really Grow Your Savings Account (Use the Storehouse Principle)

The Only Way to Really Grow Your Savings Account (Use the Storehouse Principle)



We’ve all tried to save money. We all want to save money and grow our accounts

So why is this so hard?

Why does it always seem like our accounts never grow?

Have you been sitting on the same $200 in your account for the past two years?

That was me.

Now when you’re single, as in truly single, not dating anyone, it’s much easier to save money. It still takes discipline, but it is do-able.

And once you’re married, it’s much easier to save money because now you have two incomes.

But where it gets tricky is when you are seriously dating someone that you think could be “the one.” You believe she’s the one and you want to treat her like a princess.

You want to take her to the nice places, I’m not talking Applebee’s, you know the places I’m talking about. You want to keep her in the Coach purses and Jimmy Choo’s, trust me I totally get it.

But then you think, “Man, I want to be putting money in my savings account so I can marry this girl, I need a ring, I need a down payment for a house, I need to pay down this debt…BUT at the same time, I want to take her out, take her on nice dates, show her how much I care and want to bless her…”

It’s the dilemma we have faced since the beginning of time. (Well at least since I’ve been alive.)

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Like most things in life, the solution is simple.

Let’s check out Deuteronomy 28:8  “The Lord will command the blessing on you, and in your storehouses, and all you set your hand to…”

What’s a storehouse? Back in the day, it was where you put your extra. Your extra grain or wheat. (This was also used as currency at the time) You would store it up for use later. Obviously today that would be our bank accounts, investments, or anywhere we would place our money. (Notice it says storehouses – plural)

So first things first:

Go open a savings account!

Duh! How can God COMMAND THE BLESSING on something you don’t have?! Seriously, you have to go open one today! Put $25 in it if that’s all you have.

Success starts when you gain knowledge and take action immediately.

So please take action on this today. (That’s a good quote, you probably should write that down)

You will be amazed at how fast and powerful the Storehouse Principle works.

I taught this principle to the youth at my church a few years back, and one 14 year old kid took what I said to heart.

He asked his dad if he would take him to go open a savings account because he wanted to start saving up for a car.  His dad took him to the bank and they opened a savings account with $100 he had saved up.

When he did this, it’s like God opened the floodgates for him! Birthday money poured in, he got a summer job working construction, blessings started coming from every angle. He put all that money straight into savings for his car.

Within in 6 months he had the money needed to buy a nice car that needed a little work. Him and his dad fixed it up together and he was good to go. He wasn’t even old enough to drive it yet! But God put him ahead of the game, because of THE Blessing God commanded on his storehouse.

Now, I know most of you reading this don’t have savings accounts.

The reason is, you don’t have anything to save! You live paycheck to paycheck, you think you can’t afford to save! “I’d like to save money each month, I just can’t…”

But the reason you think like this is you are doing it backwards. There is a process to saving AND IT WORKS EVERY TIME!

But you’re not going to like it, and you won’t know that it works until you DO it.

From now on, when you receive your paycheck, here’s what you do

1. TITHE – off the gross income of your check. The FIRST 10% always goes to your local church where you’re fed spiritually.

2. SAVE!!! I want you to put $25 from each paycheck into savings immediately. Download your bank’s app and transfer money into your savings account immediately after your paycheck hits. Do not ignore my instruction here.

3. Live (pay yo’ bills) and Give off the rest.

*Sidenote: Do not “try and save” after you have paid your bills…we both know that doesn’t work.

I don’t care if you think you can’t afford to do this.

If you follow my 3 stepsin that order – you will see the results you want to see.

Commit to it. It WILL work, I promise.

Soon you will increase your savings amount to 10% from each paycheck as well. This is known as the 10/10/80 rule. Many of the wealthy people you know live this way. First 10% to God, second 10% to savings, then live off the remaining 80%.

Again, the key here is doing this in Faith. Even though financially, the numbers may not line up for you. (Yet!)

Your savings will grow faster than you ever thought possible. Why?

Because now you’ve activated God’s Promise on your money. You’ve given Him permission to work in your finances by tithing and you’ve activated the storehouse principle by opening a savings account and COMMITTING to diligently put money in it.

Bonus Savings Strategy:

It seems for me, that when I save money with a purpose in mind, the money comes even faster. So have a specific reason for saving. For example, I would first save up $1,000 for an emergency fund, then save up $3,500 for an engagement ring, or $12,000 for a down payment on a house. Have a laser focused reason for each thing you’re saving up for and God will fill up that storehouse.

Remember, when you put your hand to something, it prospers, it grows. (Deuteronomy 28:8, Psalms 1:3) That’s a Promise God made so you can hold Him to it!

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